Quick Links for Saturday

So I’m spending some time with my fiance’ and family today instead of blogging diligently. It’s probably a good thing too – I’ve just been told I’m cranky today. Further speculation is that I’m sleep deprived, and malnourished. I will neither confirm nor deny the rumors that med school is terrible for your health.

 In the mean time, peruse the following links – no hard evidence today just speculation.

Gene Expression has an interesting post about speculating that there could be a connection between vitamin D and autism.

Of course if that were the case, you’d expect a lower prevalence of autism in places with a lot of sun. Like say, Aruba! Well the Autism Crisis has a contrasting article,  showing the prevalence of ASD in Aruba is similar to that seen in the US, the UK, and the Faroe Islands – all areas with much less sun than Aruba.


In other news, you should educate yourselves about Swine flu. Why? Just trust me on this one, reading about it now will prepare you for another post I’m working on. You can start with these:

Effect measure has been covering this pretty thoroughly.

The Evolving Swineflu Story

Swineflu While we Wait

Swine flu: bits and pieces at the end of the day

Swine flu: CDC’s Saturday press briefing

And finally, Greg Laden has

How do you know when to start worrying about the new Swine Flu threat, wherein he goes over the WHO threat level system, and how it applies to swine flu.

I think the swine flu issue is big enough to enough people that it may be super-ceding our Hard Conversation series for a bit, just to get out the word and get out some information.  So expect some basic intro to infectious disease soonish!

For now, enjoy!

-Whitecoat Tales

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