Excuse my lateness

Sorry I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere for a few days folks. I’ve been mostly out of town. New content coming soon, really.

Once I get settled back in here, tonight or tomorrow we’ll have my final (for now) piece on H1N1 (swine) flu. That’ll be the last piece on the subject unless something new develops. I feel that writing more on it would be me hypocritically feeding the hysteria for readers instead of contributing to the discussion. Then we’ll return to finish up Hard Conversations, Vaccines and Autism. I’ll be aborting that promised column on Jim Carry – I feel it’s so out of date as to be relevant now. But we will finish out on a post about the mitochondrial disease hypothesis, and at a post on possible actual causes of autism, with some good resources for those who would like to read further.

In the mean time, some links:

After a series of (literally) crappy articles from HuffPo, culminating in Kim Evans gibberish, ScienceBlogs has been discussing how to deal with this new threat to rationality. PalMD thinks that the problem is letting ideology creep into science.

As always, Effect Measure is the place to go for swine flu news. Among other developments they have a story about a person passing H1N1 back to pigs. Please note once again, properly cooked pork can’t give you swine flu!

File:Pork chops served.jpg

Figure 1: Porkchop, delicious, and won’t give you swine flu (via wikipedia here, courtesy of Stu Spivack, under creative commons share alike license.

Also, Effect Measure has a post discussing overreaction. It’s not about the hysteria. It’s about how people may regard H1N1 as not at all a threat because the public health services may have done their jobs too well…

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