Let’s Educate Oprah

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’re aware that SWSNBN(She Who Shall Not Be Named) has signed with Harpo (Oprah’s production company) to have some sort of a television show. I think we can all agree that whatever she peddles on that show, it will not be science based.

Richard Hughes over at Young Australian Skeptics has posted a brilliant idea based on this post by Rebecca Watson of Skepchic fame.

Basically, we all want you guys out there in internet land to contact Oprah. The contact for Oprah.com can be found here. I’d like for everyone who is willing to use OprahMail for good: send your best, most polite discussion of why this is a bad idea to Oprah.

In my email, I will be linking to this blog’s discussions of ASD, since I’d like to think that the discussion has been polite enough that any level headed individual reading has at least a chance of understanding, and changing their minds. I encourage you to put in links to whatever reliable sources on the subject you think will be helpful.

I’d love if you all could pass the Oprah Link, and any other relevant information you have to other people in her target demographic. Even if the truth will not set her free, maybe greed will.

Those of you with blogs of your own, please feel free to post this, or any variation of this message in your blogs too! Spread the word!  Please do remember to mention Richard Hughes and Rebecca Watson in your posts if possible, since this is really their idea rather than mine.

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One Comment on “Let’s Educate Oprah”

  1. Denice Walter Says:

    Good suggestions on writing to a TV show.Most of my own experience comes from writing to PBS/NPR,Pacifica : I tried to be brief, polite, and *always* mentioned that I was a viewer/listener for a long time and was “disheartened”(or something similar)by the recent uptick in pseudoscience.

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