Later tonight

Those who have been following OBGYN dreamin’ will know that one of my goals this rotation was to deliver a baby. I did get a delivery, but it wasn’t exactly how I imagined. For myself, as much as for you guys, I’m blogging about it. If possible, it will go up later tonight – depending on how obsessive I get about trying to get it right before posting.

In an effort to focus better, I’m blogging about this in two posts. One will isolate the science, not of birth, but of a specific medical condition. The other will be my experience. By doing this I’m hoping to keep the science from interfering with the broader questions we’re interested in, and keep the broader questions from interfering with the science education.

As you read,  I’d like you to think about a some of the questions that we’ve been starting to talk about, and a few questions I’ve been wanting to talk about.  How and why do doctors act jaded? Are even major events like birth are “just another procedure” to those in the medical field? How does one cope with the responsbility of effectively having someones life in your hands? How do you balance giving people the best care with educating doctors and nurses for the future?

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