Sorry I haven’t posted more science this past week, It’s been a little crazy, I’ve been on call quite a bit.

I’m happy with the response to Bittersweet. I’m glad people enjoyed it, sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond to comments individually. To those who read it and enjoyed it, I’m curious. Did you come out of it feeling like I reinforced alot of the medical stereotypes you see on TV? I was hoping to tell the story so as to make medicine real, not glamorous. I was little thrown off when people thought it could have been an ER or Gray’s Anatomy script.

For those reading the comments, yes, Papa Tales is actually my father.

I’m currently postcall, which means that I’ve been in the hospital rather than in bed for far too long. I happen to have another couple of stories that will eventually be good posts here (I hope).

For those who have been following OBGYN dreamin’, while I was on call, I did get to deliver another baby. It was under much more normal circumstances, and both baby and mother are doing well today. I don’t know if I”ll be writing about it, but if I do, it’ll be more involved in our discussion about jadedness, and whether or not doctors think of things as “just another procedure.”

In the meantime, I’m happy to point out another sciencey type blogger for you to read. Esa Ttezza writes at Esattezza: Scaling an Ivory tower. He or she is another relatively new blogger, and so far, is an entertaining read. Yes, I was curious about the name too, and my limited google fu tells me that Ezattezza seems to be italian for something along the lines of precision, or accuracy.

For now guys, enjoy,


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3 Comments on “Housekeeping”

  1. Mama Tales Says:

    I check your blog everyday as thats how I get to know more about your medical school experiences. Also it is wonderful see how you have grown to be a good, caring and loving person.

  2. I just saw an episode of ER where an intern was given a “short coat” because he wasn’t following the directions of the attending. It got me thinking. Why the short coat vs. long coat? Where did that tradition start? Do you even know?

  3. Esattezza Says:

    Haha, thanks for the view spike. I’ve been out of commission for a while, college graduation was last week and I’ve been relocating since then. (contrary to what my site leads one to believe, I haven’t actually physically gotten to graduate school yet, but I’ll be there soon!) From today forward, my blogging will be on a much more normal basis. I look forward to working with you. By the way, you’re lucky your parents are computer literate enough to comment on your blog… trying to imagine my dad doing it…

    ~Esa (proper noun (feminine): an abbreviated version of the blog pseudonym Esattezza, which represents an up and coming graduate student. Derivation: (Italian) exactness, accuracy, preciseness, truth, faithfulness)

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