Weekend Thoughts

Hope everyone’s having a great long weekend!

As I was pondering where I want to go with the Jaded posts that I’ve been talking about, I ran across a TEDtalks video that I think is relevant. Now I haven’t figured out how to embed videos in this blog,but here is the link. Discussion below the fold.

This is a brief (20 minutes, but for those who are busy, you can start at 20:35 for the 3 minutes summary) talk by Dr Philip Zimbardo on the Lucifer Effect. For those who aren’t familiar, Zimbardo is the guy who did the Stanford Prision Experiment. It, along with the Milgram experiment, are big social psychology studies that talk alot about the conditions that perpetuate evil. It’s a great talk because Zimbardo summarizes in about 20 minutes something that would have taken me months, and most psychology professors at least a few hours.

Why is this at all related to jadedness? I’m still figuring it out myself. But from my limited experience, the conditions that I’ve seen lead to jaded-in-a-bad-way doctors are at least analogous to those that lead to situations like the prison guards discussed in the video. Personally I think they’re also similar to those that lead to hazing in fraternities.

More importantly, I think in that last 3 minutes, Zimbardo tangentially touches on the solution to jadedness that the best doctors have reached.  I’ll leave you guys in suspense on what that might be.

I hope a few of my readers with more of a psychology background than myself (*stares meaningfully at JLK) will find this interesting, and hopefully help us flesh this topic out in our discussion. I especially hope they’ll keep me honest on the psychology and make sure I don’t overreach on the science.

I think it’s going to be exciting series, I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying attempting to write it. Along  the way I’ve got a couple more stories to tell – probably not as good as Bittersweet, but they should be interesting.

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6 Comments on “Weekend Thoughts”

  1. JLK Says:

    Stares meaningfully at me, huh? Should I be flattered? 😉

    You go on with your bad self in the discussion – don’t worry, I’ll call you out if you’re wrong. 😉

  2. Jeffry Says:

    If you want to embed a video you take the embed code (for example on youtube) and copy and paste it into your wordpress text field.

    Hit the preview button and it should come up. That will be 2 dollars please.

    • If only it were that simple, wordpress.com disables the embed code.

      • Jeff Says:

        Then by-pass the tomfoolery and get some hosting services 😉

        • Right now, I’m comfortably, and legitimately “influence free”
          I use free hosting services, I have no advertising, I receive no money.
          It makes people using the pharma shill gambit look that much less sensible.

          If I go to hosting merely to have video capability, I’d have to get ads to cover my costs, I’d have to try and make my posts traffic driven instead of just writing what I want.

          I’m focused on developing my writing, and hopefully helping some people. If the time comes that I move to a hosted server, I’d like to do it when my readership is pretty comfortable with what we have going on here, and have pre-arranged some sort of charitable cause for any profits derived from the blog.

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