What Fresh Hell Is This? Age of Autism and ALS

I’ve run across Age of Autism before, primarily when talking about vaccines and autism. Now AoA appears to be branching out – spreading misinformation about ALS as well.

A very brief primer o ALS before we get to Kim Stagliano’s nonsense.

ALS is  a disease that affects motor neurons – that’s the nerve cells that  either go from your brain to your spinal cord, or your spinal cord to the voluntary muscles in the body. While I may go into the details in a later post, for now it’s enough to know that ALS causes these nerve cells to progressively die. You have alot of different muscles in your body, so the initial symptoms of ALS vary depending on where exactly the nerve cells start to die. It can be as simple as being clumsier – starting to trip over things without realising it. It can be twitching in your hand that you didn’t really think about, but now is getting worse. Your speech may start to slur.

Then the symptoms tend to spread, and get worse. This happens at different rates in different people. Off the top of my head (and not off the top of a clinical trial) I think the mean survival after diagnosis is 3 to 5 years. There is alot of variability even then though – some people live 10 years, or more. Many patients with ALS end up dieing when the muscles that help with breathing, and swallowing are affected. At this point, a patient will need help breathing, and clearing their secretions (the gunk that you cough up or spit out), and is often already bedridden. Once this happens, they’re at very high risk to get pneumonia or other infections, which is often how these patients die.

ALS is a horrible disease. My heart goes out to people who have been diagnosed with ALS, and their loved ones. I can’t pretend I know how it feels to be handed basically a death sentence, and I won’t pretend I do. What I can say is that patients with ALS, or really any other devastating diagnosis, they’re prime targets for snake oil salesman. Your doctor tells you the situation is bad, someone else says “well yea, but I’ve got a miracle cure that THEY don’t want you to know about!”, often a patient might say ‘well what have I got to lose?’

Physicians are obligated to obligated to guide our patients away from dangerous treatments, and treatments that are just implausible. No one knows what causes ALS for sure. Despite this, I can be pretty sure when I say that the answer isn’t mercury poisoning. Chelation is therefore, completely useless as a treatment, and potentially dangerous.  Unfortunately, AoA appears to be saying that the One True Cause of ALS, or at least One Big Factor, is mercury.

Today Katie Wright put up a post here, comparing the pace of research in autism with that of ALS. Frankly her post contains so much gibberish, and so few facts that I couldn’t even find a way to fisk it appropriately. To be honest, her article isn’t all that interesting anyway. What’s more interesting is the note attached to the beginning of her post by the managing editor, Kim Stagliano. Here it is, in it’s entirety:

Managing Editor’s Note: I have a dear friend who was diagnosed two years ago with ALS. He was told there is no treatment and no cure. He found a website called Patients Like Me, that offered info from patients, not doctors. He found a doc willing to run tests – and learned he was highly mercury toxic. The diagnosis center had given him yet another flu shot just last year. He’s on the ALS equivalent of the DAN! protocol and has slowed the rate of descent. All because he didn’t take “go away and die” for an answer. Familiar, indeed, Katie.  KS

While I don’t know what the ALS equivalent of the DAN! protocol contains, if they’re claiming the cause of ALS is mercury poisoning their go-to answer probably includes chelation. Chelation is not a therapy that works for Autism, and it’s not a therapy that works for ALS. This is beyond offering false hope to a patient with a terrible disease, it’s irresponsible, dangerous medical mismanagement.

There is a reason that the flu shot is recommended for patients with ALS – I mentioned that they often die of pneumonia or other respiratory infections. The flu can often lead to those infections. Any additional protection you can give a patient from pneumonia then, is protection that they should have. Suggesting a fairy tale – that ALS is caused by mercury toxicity – will just lead to putting them needlessly at risk. Not to mention the danger of giving a sick person chelation therapy they don’t need.

 Perhaps more on this later – depending on whether or not AoA follows this up with more stupidity, and time pending, as always.

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16 Comments on “What Fresh Hell Is This? Age of Autism and ALS”

  1. FreeSpeaker Says:

    Welcome to the wacky world of the spoiled brat of Autism, Katie Wrong. Her dribblings and ramblings are dangerous to your, and anyone else’s health. You can visit me at http://www.age-of-ignorance.blogspot.com for more discussion of the worst suppositiory of bad Autism information on the net, i.e. AoA.

  2. isles Says:


    Here’s an account of an autism family finding out that no matter what, their DAN! doctor’s prescription was going to be chelation: http://www.blogher.com/identifying-and-avoiding-autism-cults

    Those SOBs never met anyone they didn’t want to chelate.

  3. FreeSpeaker Says:

    That would be CHEATlate.

  4. Papa Tales Says:

    When the only tool you have is a hammer …

  5. FreeSpeaker Says:

    When the only tool you have is a hammer, you do not become a glazier.

  6. Denice Walter Says:

    @ FreeSpeaker: That’s so good I’ll have to steal it sometime!

  7. Montana Berg Says:

    ALS is truly a devastating disease. People generally don’t know much about it unless they’ve been personally affected by someone who has the disease. We are doing a documentary to raise awareness. Anyone can get ALS and THERE IS NO CURE! It’s time a cure is found! For a look at how it affects people, please check out a sneak peek of LEAVE THEM LAUGHING (working title of the film)at http://www.leavethemlaughingfilm.com. The documentary features 46-year-old singer/songwriter/comedienne/actress Carla Zilbersmith. Her outrageous and colorful sense of humor remains intact, even as her physical body weakens; who else would have the words “Out of Order” tatooed on her feet! We are confident that a musical comedy about the nearness of death will be a unique and compelling vehicle to engage an audience with a subject that might otherwise be shunned for its graphic toll of suffering and pain.

  8. I took a couple of weeks vacation from all of the blogs. I regret that the world did not become rational in that time.

  9. Smarter Than You Says:

    This article is a joke. You claim that mercury does not cause ALS without any science to back it up or any basis at all for how you came to that conclusion. You just simply say it doesn’t cause it. That is absurd. To give someone with ALS a flu shot that contains 25 mcg of mercury is nothing short of criminal. I will tell you, as someone who has had full blown ALS, that the cause is definitely mercury toxicity. It’s kind of funny to have received that diagnosis over six years ago with very severe symptoms at the time and now I just don’t have it anymore. I guess it was just coincidence that my major symptoms kicked in directly after receiving a tetanus shot that contained 25 mcg of mercury. And I guess it was just another coincidence that my symptoms went away completely after chelating the mercury out of my brain and body. I guess it’s also a coincidence that over the years I have met many others who no longer have ALS because they went after the cause, “MERCURY”. I will tell you with 100% assurity, Mercury does cause ALS!

    • FreeSpeaker Says:

      “Smarter Than You”, (or should I call you MedSTOOLS?) the cause of ALS is not known. While you claim to have it, your “facts” belie that claim. No one has ever recovered from ALS. Now, if you claimed mercury caused stupidity, I would recommend a long course of CHEATlation, preferably by Dr. Kerry.

    • I will tell you, as someone who has had full blown ALS

      Nope. No, you didn’t have ALS. The story you’re telling is not consistent with a diagnosis of ALS. You may have been misdiagnosed with ALS, as have 5 or 6 people I saw on my neurology rotation – it’s not an easy problem to diagnose. However you do not have now, and have never had ALS.

      Infact, one of the few problems that CAN be attributed to vaccines is a type of post-vaccine reaction similar to guillian-barre syndrome. Your story sounds like it may have been a misdiagnosis of this problem. It also cannot be cured by chelation, but wonderfully, most people recover on their own.

      It’s not a coincidence that you’ve met with other people who had “ALS” to think like you, it’s called confirmation bias. You look for people who think like you, because you, and they, went after what you’ve decided is the cause.

      I guess it was just coincidence that my major symptoms kicked in directly after receiving a tetanus shot that contained 25 mcg of mercury.

      I’d guess that it’s a post hoc fallacy for you to be so sure that this is the cause of your problems. More interestingly, you’re angry about 25 micrograms of mercury, but you haven’t objected to the canned tuna fish industry, for bombarding people with faaaaar more mercury than the vaccine industry over the years.

      Good luck, I hope you stay symptom free. I also hope that at some point you see a doctor and find out what the appropriate diagnosis for your disorder would be.

      • Heather Says:

        Absolutely correct. It is criminal and negligent to promote the flu vaccination. So wonderful that the true naturopathic medical community is available for those suffering from previous death sentences. Thankfully chelation is the cure for the heavy metal based vaccinations causing ALS. So appreciative! Once diagnosed with ALS please consider the cure and don’t be dissuaded by the lies and ignorance. Many European countries have known this for many years and through their humanity have removed the flu vaccines from their countries. There was a stunning “coincidence” with ALS diagnosis following the flu vaccine. And as we all know there are no coincidences.

  10. Smarter Than You Says:

    You are a complete idiot. You say things in this write-up without any backup or facts. You are doing the exact thing that you claimed Katie Wright is doing. Go get your flu shot you fucking moron!!!

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