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The 124th Meeting Of The Skeptics’ Circle

November 20, 2009

Hello all, and welcome to the 124th meeting of the longest running skeptical blog carnival!



The 116th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle:The Wooful ER

July 30, 2009

It’s time for your favorite blog carnival and mine, the Skeptics’ Circle!

 I had the most horrible dream the other day. After watching a Mitchell and Webb Sketch about a homeopathic ER, I had nightmares of being trapped in an ER just chock full of Woo, and other nonskeptical gibberish.

Walk with me, through the valley of woo, in the nightmare that is the wooful ER.


Last Call for Skeptic’s Circle Submissions

July 28, 2009

Hey guys, one last call for submissions. I’d like to get the post up during working hours on Thursday, so if you really your post to be included please email it to me before 5pm on wednesday evening, eastern standard time.

Email all submissions to whitecoattales at gmail dot com.

The 116th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: Call for Submissions

July 20, 2009

I’ll be hosting the 116th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle on Thursday July 30th.

Send me your best skeptical writing before July 29th at 5pm! Submission guidelines here. When you’ve got your post all ready, send me a permalink, and a brief description to whitecoattales at gmail dot com.

So far we have two posts already submitted, I’m really hoping we can get a big turnout for this one so keep it coming guys!


*Edit 7/25/09* bolded my email address for easier reading.