I’m a medical student. I am the sole author of this blog and all its posts. Right now I’m a third year medical student. Some day I’ll be a doctor. Even then, I probably won’t be YOUR doctor. Lots of the posts on this blog are intended to inform patients about basic medical care, and about medical or health issues, but none of them should be taken as specific medical advice . I can’t and won’t diagnose anyone with anything over the internet, see your doctor!

 Always check with your doctor (your MD or DO doctor, not your naturopath, your accupuncturist, your chiropractor, or your PhD) before taking advice from someone on how to manage your health.  Nothing on this blog is intended to take the place of having your own doctor, rather this blog should convince you that medicine is too complex to do without having your own doctor.

I blog anonymously, and my posts represent my personal opinions, or in some cases, my interpretation of articles in the popular press, or reputable research journals (these places are specified as such and references are given when applicable). My posts do not represent the opinions of my colleagues, my institution, or the medical profession as a whole, just my own thoughts.

I moderate this website myself, and run through the comments at least once a day generally around 6-8pm EST. By default, all commentors on this site are considered non-medical professionals, if you are a health professional and want to give medical advice, I suggest you identify your status as a medical profesional, and then… don’t give medical advice to patients you haven’t seen yourself.

When posting comments to this blog, please behave with respect and honesty. Note that disrespectful comments and blatant dishonesty will be deleted, and will you get you banned from posting here. I’ll be using a three strikes and you’re out policy – 3 comments that are disrespectful or dishonest, with an email warning on strikes 1 and 2.
Please give a reference (and if possible a link) for any health or medical information you provide that isn’t explicitly your personal experience. Note that by posting on Beyond the Shortcoat, you are agreeing to disseminate only information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Personal experience is any symptom, test, treatment etc that you or a close family member has undergone himself/herself.


This is detailed more broadly elsewhere, but in short: I want to make laypeople people aware of important and current events in medicine, hopefully in an entertaining enough and engaging enough way that experts in the field would be willing to stop by, post there own thoughts, and get a good discussion going. Everyone is welcome whether or not you agree with my opinions. But I reserve the right educate you if your opinions are patently absurd.

Please note that the information provided on Beyond the Shortcoat is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician. Like I said before, go see your doctor! There is no minimum age to read or post on this blog, but I do discuss some mature content (more of the blood and gore side of things, there will be no explicit sexuality) so you may want to exercise some caution when having your little ones take a look at my blog.


Any information I present on this website is altered to protect patients private information. Whenever patients are presented or described the details are altered, and generally ‘patients’ are composites of multiple patients that I’ve had, to illustrate general points, a story, or medicine.

Email and the internet are inherently insecure media, and do not email me anything you wouldn’t want your mother, brother, wife or boss (or anyone else) to read – anything posted here is available for anyone to read, see or otherwise use, and as far as I know, you cannot modify or delete anything you post. If you post something you regret and want to delete email me and I will do my best to remove it, but no promises.

With the aforementioned caveat, email sent to me will remain confidential, I will never divulge anyones email address, contact information, or the content of correspondance unless specific permission has been obtained from sender of the email. If you wish me to discuss the content of your email on this site or elsewhere, please expressly say so in the email. Otherwise every email will be assumed to be confidential.


Sadly, at this stage in my career noone will pay me any amount of money to do anything whatsoever. I have no conflicts of interest to disclose, and no funding to my name.


I do not recieve any funding from advertising or the display of commercial content.

Please note, commentors on beyond the short coat do not have the right to publish advertisements or banners here, with the exception of linking back to a blog or article that you think is relevant to the discussion at hand.



This page last updated on 3/31/09


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